What happened to TechAssimilate?

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What happened to TechAssimilate?

TechAssimilate began in mid-2014 and ran for about a year, racking up nearly 500 news articles. The intent was to begin a news site on the back of the traction provided by wearables - hence the name 'tech assimilate'. However, a lot of the ideas the site was hitched to are still yet to really take off in a very big way in 2023; smart health, smartwatches, VR & AR headsets - as well as abandoned projects like Google Glass and Project Ara.

Thus, TechAssimilate was before its time! Sometimes our more popular daily news stories got a couple of thousand hits on the day, however it wasn't really enough to make the effort worthwhile. So it had to be put on ice in favor of the day job, which paid / pays the bills. The news archives from the site can all still be dug through via the great internet archive resource, and maybe one day the site will live again in its intended form.

In the immediate future, I'm going to use TechAssimilate to host some of my old content which I wrote for DesignReviews.com, the deceased partner of the still alive GuitarDesignReviews.com. I think this was interesting design blog content. However, old TechAssimilate material was almost wholly news, so there seems little point in reanimating old news here. Instead, I am going to use TechAssimilate as a blog again, and to partner my TechAssimilate YouTube channel in future projects. My YouTube channel is still very much underdeveloped, but I have some ideas to make it different, which I hope to have time for through 2023.

Thanks for reading, Mark