Illustrator designed music CD covers

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Illustrator designed music CD covers

A couple of years ago I designed some CD covers to match up with some music I recorded and had on old tapes in boxes in the garage! I recorded a lot with a couple of friends in about 1990 or so. Recently with the increased power offered by the average computer and the availability of cheap or even free software to record and multitrack I got interested in making music again. Using just my old Strat, computer and a wah wah pedal I have made quite a few new recordings. The original lineup of friends now live quite a long way away and we haven’t met for years but I have replaced them with synthesised and computer generated versions! And they don’t argue with me!

Here are the four album/CD covers I designed, one includes a sound clip to go with it, recorded about 3 years ago.

The following don’t have sound clips attached at the moment. Quagmire was mixed down at half speed
for the first few seconds by accident, but I liked it so kept that in.

A BBC theme inspired piece of music follows, made on a Yamaha keyboard in 1992

Finally back to some distorted “space rock”;

inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, which I had just got
for Christmas a year or two before in the late 1980s!

If I get some comments about this I might put up more samples other than just for “We control the horizontal”, the other three CD covers are associated with tracks from around 1990. All the CD covers are designed and illustrated in Adobe Illustrator. I used photoshop a little on the Space Sponge CD above for inserting the sponge into the helmet and making the moon into a green sponge!

You might notice the first of the 4 CD covers has a different logo, this new logo is for new stuff since 2006, just things recorded by myself. Also I’ve found out there’s some band in the US of A called “The Ebbs” so the name’s gone already. I wonder if the name was gone in 1990 when we made the first recordings…