Review: Innerexile Hydra iPhone case

I’m always on the lookout for good new cases that don’t add too much bulk to my iPhone 6 Plus. After all, if you spend so much on one of Apple’s new iPhones you shouldn’t skimp on the protection and quality of protective case you are going to keep it in. The kind folks at innerexile offered to send me one of their newest Hydra iPhone cases to try so I’ve had a good look at it and compared it with others from my experience.


Innerexile don’t just sell smartphone cases they also have other products such as cables and chargers. I chose an iPhone 6 Plus case but they also make cases for other iPhones, iPads and Android devices. After having looked at the type of cases they have I decided to choose the Hydra although they have a few other types for you to choose from.


The case arrived well packed in a rather large white box complete with a booklet showcasing some of the firm’s other items. The hydra is a transparent case but there are three tint colours to choose from: clear, black or pink – I had decided to go with the black version.


It’s a fairly solid plastic case, which clips on very easily. On some sides of the phone it offers a slight lip, which is a useful feature as it stops the screen of your phone touching a surface if it is placed face down. Another positive is that the sleep and volume buttons are easy to access.

The bottom of the phone was left open with no protection but mainly that’s due to the iPhone 6’s speaker, headphone and lightning jacks all being together. There’s not much else a case designer can do… All in all I really like this case due to its simple design and thin profile.


Self healing

The innerexile Hydra claims to be self healing and scratch resistant and it seems to have lived up to its name after during my short time with it: I have dropped my phone during this time more than once and the phone/case hasn’t chipped or scratched. Good result!

If you’re looking for a smartphone case that offers protection and simple understated style then the innerexile Hydra may be the perfect choice for you. Why not give it a try if you can find it for sale in your region!

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