Smart trolleys set to revolutionise supermarket retail experience

Cambridge Consultants has announced its innovative smart shopping trolley system is ready to navigate supermarket aisles. The technology is said to potentially revolutionise the retail experience, pinpointing the location of trolleys within stores and alerting shoppers to promotions as they make their way through the aisles.

Supermarket Trolley

Supermarket Trolley, not a smart one though

The product design and development firm’s latest innovation incorporates a small device which is attached on the wheel of each trolley. Powered via energy harvesting from the rotation of the wheel, the battery-less device can track a shopper’s location to within one metre in real time, sending the information to retailers and allowing them to target customers with relevant offers as they shop. The data could also be used by retailers in understanding customer’s shopping habits, highlighting the areas where customers stop to browse but did not purchase anything, and to influence their impulse buying.

“Customers are increasingly frustrated by queueing times in stores – and often reluctant to download apps in order to get the best out of their shopping experience. Our low cost technology is easily combined with existing retail equipment to improve efficiency for both the retailer and the customer,” said Dipak Raval, a commercial director at Cambridge Consultants.

Supermarket Trolley

Supermarket Trolley, another angle

Advantages of the new system include; interaction with customers during their shopping trip, and passing on discount vouchers based on their location within the shop for example. It can also map the most efficient route for individuals based on their shopping list, and alert staff when herd of shoppers are nearing checkouts. Another bonus of the smart trolleys are that the system will to cut down the multi-million-pound annual cost of lost shopping trolleys.

Source: CambridgeWireless

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