Michael Kors designing range of wearable technology devices

It looks like another high-fashion name is getting ready to design and launch some wearable technology devices onto the market. The name in question is Michael Kors, behind the MK brand, a leader in affordable luxury apparel and accessories in the US. Its hardware partner might well be Fossil, which has previously worked with Kors, and in turn Fossil has crafted appealing technology products with both Intel and Google.


We have seen plenty of other big fashion and jewellery brand wearables here on Tech Assimilate including the likes of; Armill, Montblanc, Luxottica, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fossil and Opening Ceremony. So it’s no surprise to see the likes of Michael Kors decide to try and blend his fashion sensibilities with emerging wearable technology.

According to a report on Bloomberg, John Idol, chief executive of Kors revealed the wearables initiative in a conference call to investors. Idol confirmed “We will be in wearables,” and that the ‘affordable luxury’ US fashion house has “a whole strategy around it.”


It is noted that Kors has previously dabbled with tech-peripheral products including in-handbag accessories which provide smart device recharging functionality, as above. Kors also worked on a Duracell branded ‘Powermat’ wireless charging matt which was graced with the ‘MK’ logo, as seen below.


What Kors has lined up couldn’t be gleaned from Mr Idol. It was said that while the MK wearable tech products won’t be rushed we will hear a lot more detail about the nature of them and an ecosystem that will appeal to fashionable customers “in the next few months”.

Are you happy to hear about Michael Kors developing wearable tech products? Out of all the fashion names that haven’t announced such products yet who would you like to hear from most with product details? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bloomberg Business

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