Leaked Verizon document suggests the LG G4 will sport a 3K display

A new rumour has surfaced claiming that LG’s upcoming G4 smartphone will sport a 3K display. The report cites a leaked screenshot of a Verizon specification sheet for a device with model number LG-VS999, showing off a 2880×1620 screen resolution.

Leaked Verizon Specification Sheet

Leaked Verizon Specification Sheet

1080p displays seems to be the staple for today’s premium smartphone specification. Whilst the G3 already sports a Quad HD panel, it looks like LG is aiming to go a step further and introduce 3K displays on its G4 handset. With LG G3’s model number being LG-VS985, it means that the -999 model number on the new device could indeed signify its successor.

Many of the current batches of flagship phones are already struggling with Quad HD displays in terms of battery life, so it will be interesting to see LG’s solution in supporting this bump in pixel count of over 25% from Quad HD. The improved resolution will sure mark up the new device’s price tag, though as with any rumours, we do advice readers to take the information with a pinch of salt.

LG G3 Quad HD Display

LG G3 Quad HD Display

Verizon has a history of launching its own variants of smartphones with one-upped modifications in order to differentiate its devices from other network providers, and this could be an example of that tradition.  Previous leaks have suggested that the AT&T LG G4 would come with a slightly lower 1440×2560 screen resolution. Nevertheless, a G4 equipped with a 3K display would allow LG to claim that it’s got the highest-res phone around, without having to make a huge effort in stepping beyond existing designs.

The updated LG flagship handset is expected to officially be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March.

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