HTC attempts cringeworthy ‘rap battle’ with Apple and Samsung

HTC’s latest stunt to take on rivals Apple and Samsung is to release a bizarre rap video dissing them. The frontman in the video is rapper Greg Carr, aka “Doc G.” of early 1990s rap group PM Dawn. Many commentators think this is a terrible attempt at instigating a rap battle with HTC’s competitors, talking down the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 to try and stir a response from the tech rivals.



Dubbed “Hold the Crown”, the 2 minute 33 second video incorporates cringeworthy lyrics, dreadful rhymes, and even features backing dancers dressed in giant phone costumes. Doc G is joined by HTC’s own David Bruce for the majority of the video, and begins with a dig at Samsung’s six-year-old Galaxy line, saying “it took y’all six years to get what we got in two years,” later adding that “we own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated”.

An Apple assault follows, with ‘G’ criticising the Cupertino company’s slow processor and the gradual shift from iPhone 4’s glass back to the iPhone 6’s all-metal cover. Doc G even gives “word to Peter Cho”, which I’m sure will have Tim Cook green with envy.

We will probably never find out who ever thought this video was a good idea, unofficially entering HTC to the tech hall of PR shame. But if you’ve not already got goosebumps or stitches from cringing or laughing too hard, there’s even a super awkward interview with the rapper himself. Oh, and if you are finding it hard to put your feeling into words, you can get some inspiration from the comments below the videos.

Via: Engadget Source: HTC (YouTube)

Kai-Li Yang

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