Samsung Galaxy S6 rumoured to feature a dual-edge display

According to the latest reports circulating the web, Samsung is planning to release a special edition Galaxy S6 handset with dual-edge display. The rumours also suggest the main model’s specifications will include a glass back and thus a non-removable battery.

Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung Galaxy Edge

The curved-edge display featured will be one similar to that of the Galaxy Note Edge launched last year, pictured above, although this variation of the Korean giant’s next flagship is said to sport a display that curves on both sides of the device. Users will have the option to choose between the right and left Edge displays as default, with software features like Glance Lighting, which will light up the Edge area when the user receives a call or notifications, and colour-coded contacts said to be in the works.

Similar panel-based system that the Note Edge runs is believed to be included, and panel apps like Yahoo! Finance, news and sport panels, briefing panel, pedometer panel (powered by S Health), favourite apps and contacts panels, will be available, with more set to be downloadable from Samsung’s app store. The always-on Night Clock and Express Me will appear on the handset as well.

Samsung Galaxy Edge Display

Samsung Galaxy Edge Display

The Galaxy S6 is expected to sport a 5.5-inch screen, and a separate reports suggest that Samsung will release the standard model with double-sided glass surfaces, whilst both variants will sport a metal edge frame similar to the one found on the Galaxy Alpha. Due to new manufacturing methods, the battery in the upcoming flagship models will no longer be removable. Further sources indicate that a fingerprint sensor, a 20MP main camera, 3GB of RAM and Android 5.0 is likely to be thrown in the mix.

It is not surprising that Samsung is working on making the Galaxy S6 the best device it has ever created to date, with its appeal in the smartphone market showing signs of fading for the first time ever last year. The curved technology could give the handset an edge over rival Apple, though it will certainly bump up the price, an area China’s Xiaomi is likely to take advantage in order to squeeze out market-share from Samsung.

Sources: SamMobile, DDaily / Via: International Business Times

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