RideOn snow sports goggles offer wearers an Augmented Reality HUD

An IndieGogo campaign is offering to furnish its backers with Augmented Reality (AR) Snow Sports Goggles. The wearable technology project is called RideOn and the minimum you can invest to gain a pair of RideOn goggles is $499.


Both snowboarders and skiers are expected to be attracted to the RideOn goggles which project useful heads-up-display (HUD) content onto your goggles to appear as if they are floating 15ft in front of you. The goggles require no external pairing with a smartdevice to work on the slopes but you can connect them later on for sharing photos or so on.


Wearers of RideOn goggles interact with the digital overlay UI on the display by looking at the UI elements as they float ahead in the sky or at other visual elements in your view such as friends and points of interest. Have a look at the demo video to learn more.


Users can enjoy the following key features of RideOn:

  • HD Camera functionality
  • GPS related functions like navigation, routes and tracking
  • Virtual gates to follow down the slopes
  • Time recording and comparing
  • Weather reports
  • Hands-free communication with other RideOn users
  • Eight hours battery life in use


Overall the RideOn goggles look full of functionality and fun and, if they work as shown in the demonstrations, should be a winning product.

The IndieGogo crowdfunding round for RideOn started on 20th January and has already reached $43K which is more than half way to a successful funding goal of $75K. There’s 25 days left in the campaign and if you back it and the campaign is indeed a success you could expect your RideOn AR goggles by around September this year.

Mark Tyson

Mark has worked for a number of years as a newshound on other technology news websites. He decided to write for Tech Assimilate thanks to this web site's open embracing vision of the fascinating world of personal technology. Mark has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for tens of years previously.

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