Luna Smart Mattress cover turns your bed into a smartbed

A new smart device could have a greater impact on your health and wellbeing than the host of smartbands, smartwatches and smartglasses that are already available. Humans spend a good portion of their existence sleeping so if you can improve that ‘activity’ with a smart device then that could be highly significant to you.


Now there is already an example of a smartbed but that example requires you spend at least $1k for the mattress. Luna allows users to make use of the bed they already might have spent $£$£s on in order for a good night’s sleep as it is a smart mattress cover which is up for pre-order now from a little over $200.

Luna’s smart mattress cover has the following key functionality:

  • Dual-zone temperature adjustments
  • Sleep tracking data monitoring and recording
  • Smart home integration
  • Auto learning and scheduling of temperatures etc
  • Mobile phone controllable but secure thanks to 128-bit encryption
  • Smart alarm
  • Works with nest, emberlight, beep and Lockitron
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight so it doesn’t adversely affect the comfort of your mattress
  • Available double, queen and king mattress sizes, machine washable


The point of the Luna smart mattress is in providing a better sleep and therefore you should wake up with more energy and feeling refreshed – starting your day positively. The Smart Alarm function mentioned above can tell the optimum time to wake you up at a time near to your target wake-up time.


The sensors in the smart mattress cover can automatically help you to a great nights sleep and can monitor/record the following:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Temperature
  • Ambient noise
  • Ambient light
  • Humidity

Luna is expected to ship in August this year. The Luna project is already a resounding success on IndieGogo having raised double the target funding amount of $100K – in a day – and there’s 30 days left. I think the Luna team will probably be too excited to sleep!

Source: IndieGogo / Via Engadget

Mark Tyson

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