Kingston celebrates Chinese New Year 2015 with its Sheep Goat edition 16GB USB flash drive

Its edging closer to Chinese New Year – it’s just over a month away on 19th Feb. To celebrate this time of the year we are used to seeing lots of foods and gifts but really not so much for technology fans. However Kingston, the memory specialists, has something which may appeal to tech geeks this time around.


2015 will be Chinese Year of the Sheep / Goat. With this in mind Kingston has made a very cute USB flash drive modelled after this ruminant beast. It is packaged in a lucky 8-sided gift box with the sheep peeping through a central circular window.

While the limited edition flash drive might have the looks, and may even bring good luck to you in the coming year, its technical specs aren’t stellar. Although 16GB is a decent capacity for a wee portable flash drive it’s only got a USB 2.0 interface so it would take you quite a while to transfer any bulk of files or other data. Also its 53mm x 43mm x 43mm dimensions are rather chunky whichever way around you look at it. However it is modelled on a cartoon sheep body shape and if you bought it you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s rather rotund. On a positive note, much of the sheepness is constructed of rubber for your comfort.


Other key specs of the flash drive include a five year warranty with free technical support. The Kingston Chinese New Year 2015 with its Sheep Goat edition 16GB USB flash drive is compatible with any modern Windows, Mac or Linux PC. The product has a part number of DTCNY15/16GB.

Via VR-Zone


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