Alcatel launches smartprice smartwatch and multi-OS Pixi 3 smartphone

Alcatel has given us an early taster of what it will be showing off at the International CES 2015 which kicks off in Las Vegas very shortly. The large telecoms equipment firm has a couple of interesting propositions for show visitors in the shape of a keenly priced smartwatch called the Alcatel Onetouch WATCH and the OS-agnostic PIXI 3 smartphone range.


Alcatel WATCH

This smartwatch offers a premium design “at a very accessible price,” says the firm, which goes as far as adding that it is creating a new wearable technology market segment by producing this device. While no price is specified we are told that the smartwatch will cost “a fraction” of competing products by other manufacturers.

How does it make smartwatches cheaper than anyone else? By looking at the examples the watches share a common non-changing perimeter on their round faces. We could guess that the screen inside this frame is perhaps a cheaper type. Despite the price the WATCH is “packed with sensors and apps that allow users to monitor daily activity,” like you would expect from any other brand. It works as a partner device with Android smartphones.


Alcatel PIXI 3

The headlining special quality of the PIXI 3 is its compatibility with three mobile operating systems; Firefox OS, Windows Phone and Android. The OS-agnostic range of devices offer screens from 3.5 to 4.5 and 5-inches. Also you have a choice of devices offering 4G and 3G connectivity to suit your budget.

How the user can select, change or decide on the OS they are using isn’t explained. However the options, the choices will appeal to geeky mobile fans. Perhaps if Alcatel can pull off this OS choice feat then it can set a trend for others to follow. I’d like the choice on my smartphone!

We will find out more about Alcatel’s new devices when the CES kicks off on Monday. Alcatel is at booth #9829.

Mark Tyson

Mark has worked for a number of years as a newshound on other technology news websites. He decided to write for Tech Assimilate thanks to this web site's open embracing vision of the fascinating world of personal technology. Mark has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for tens of years previously.

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