Motorola gets cheeky with its new Moto 360 adverts

Motorola has just debuted two new commercials for its Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch, showing the cheeky and playful side of the company just ahead of the holidays.

Moto 360 Commercial

Moto 360 Commercial

The ad campaign lampoons the serious marketing of the luxury watch industry, with both ads starting out with close-up shots of the Moto 360, showing off its traditional watch form factor. It then highlights the device’s “craftsmanship” and “style” in one ad and “class” and “artistry” in another with an opulent voice-over. However, the tone of the ad quickly changes when the wearer receives notifications on their Moto 360.

Find out how for yourself, by watching the videos below:

Any guesses on what Chad’s after? I know if I was the pianist I’d much rather receive a notification on my watch telling me my food is ready. The two commercials’ playful approach echoes Motorola’s strategy to put a fun spin on the traditional watch industry when marketing the Moto 360, which has been positioned by the company as simply a watch, and not a “smart” device, according to Ad Age.

The wearable hit the market in September, and seems to be the leading device among those running Android Wear. As the smartwatch space gets more crowded by the day, especially with Apple set to unleash its Apple Watch on the market early next year, the two commercials and its tagline of “A watch for our times” shows Motorola’s effort to showcase its entrance into the wearables category in order to stand out from its rivals. We do hope that Motorola will continue the story in its next set of promotional videos.

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