Microsoft’s Cortana mobile assistant now available in Germany, France, Spain and Italy

It has taken a while but Microsoft has finally started to roll out its Cortana mobile personal assistant in languages other than English and Chinese. Today we heard that the AI assistant software was available in France, Italy, Spain and Germany.


Cortana has been quite well received in English speaking countries and several comparisons between Cortana and rival offering such as Apple’s Siri and Google Now have put ‘her’ out on top in the smarts department. That is apparently down to decades of Microsoft research and development in natural language interpretation and speech generation.

Now a whole host of Europeans will be able to benefit from conversing with their smartphones and getting some meaningful functionality and relies out of the process. The language support in the above named countries is reportedly in Alpha stages. That means users in these countries have to enrol in the easy to join Windows Phone developer preview program to update their smartphones to make use of Cortana’s talents.


In related news you may or may not have heard that Cortana is probably going to be even more deeply integrated into the ‘one Windows’ experience and will become a desktop personal assistant on your PC/laptop with Windows 10.

Via Neowin.

Mark Tyson

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