Is the Smart Ring by Logbar the worst product ever made?

Technology reviewers have branded Logbar‘s Bluetooth Ring the “worst product ever made.” The device achieved a great level of success with its Kickstarter campaign, exceeding its $250,000 target by drawing in $880,998 in funding.

Ring by Logbar

Ring by Logbar

The smart device that was meant to  control everything in your life via Bluetooth but has turned out to be a big flop in functionality terms. The Japanese manufacturer failed to deliver what would have been one of the most interesting wearable products of the year. Many features that were indicated in the original promotional video were soon proven to be overly exaggerated and far beyond its actual capabilities.

Thousands of backers who signed up for the product will most definitely be regretting the decision. Many of them are $269 out of pocket, and you can see exactly how terrible the product really is in the YouTube video below as user Snazzy Labs breaks down all the facets of the ring.

The reviewer points out several faults of the device, which is not justmonstrously big and incredibly uncomfortable, but also ships with what was referred to as “comically unusable” software that provides a gesture accuracy rate of only around 5-10%. By comparing the real thing to the promo video, the device really doesn’t even come close to what was promised, as hardly anything works.

The worst part is probably the fact that the app has to be open and running for the device to even work, all in all meaning that you will actually spend more time fiddling with gesture controls than just getting on and performing the task as you would normally. The manufacturer is also unlikely to be shipping out various advertised features such as being able to control your TV with the Ring.

This device is a very good warning that even though Kickstarter is a brilliant platform for start-ups to throw in great ideas and fast track the development of a product from concept to being market ready, false advertising can still happen with irresponsible inventors and project starters. This will only make it harder for supporters to trust legitimate products in the future as they could just have been disappointed one too many times to ever take a risk again.

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