Fineck smart necklace addresses posture and neck health

There’s a new wearable healthtech device which tracks your steps and heart rate and is designed to be worn like a necklace. The Fineck monitors tiny movements to help improve your posture and neck health and breaks away from the smartband wrist worn masses of wearable competitors. This wristband alternative can track information such as distance travelled, neck movements, balance, posture, and more.



Claiming to be the world’s first titanium wearable device, the Fineck necklace addresses pains by spotting bad habits and posture through tracking the user’s movements and suggesting neck training exercises to the user via an accompanying app. The aim is to reduce ailments which stem from the neck, part of your body packed with essential nerves. The titanium tracker sits on the back of the user’s neck where it records information on the wearer’s movements, whilst the app will alert the user for any bad habits.

The Mountain View California-based startup believes that our necks are a far better spot to place health trackers, as a high percentage of people suffer from neck pain and associated problems, most likely caused by extended period of sitting in front of a computer. The Fineck tracker’s focus on this specific part of our body can bring users significant benefits over fitness bands that simply encourage activity.



The device itself is IP6 waterproof, with the band made from medical-grade silicone, and it comes in three sizes. The Fineck contains sensors, an accelerometer and gyroscope to help monitor movement, in addition to a motor which vibrates to give users reminders when their posture is slacking. It connects to iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0, with an Android app is also in development, and the run time is said to be seven days on one charge, recharging takes an hour.

The app records activity and provides the information on various charts, and also offers games that are controlled through movements while wearing the tracker, including Animal Runner, Crushed Meteorite, Jungle Dew, and Super Down.

The Fineck is certainly a pleasing change from the many near-identical smart wristbands swamping the market. Its creators are currently funding Fineck on Kickstarter, and it is still available for $69 (£44) as an early bird special at the time of writing. The device is set to ship in April 2015 should the campaign reach its $20,000 goal, and backers have thus far pledged nearly $7,500 with a month remaining for the campaign to succeed.

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