Empatica Embrace smartwatch first to provide ‘medical quality’ data

We have seen that most of the wearable technology devices released so far add one or two sensors to provide some sort of biometric readings to users. However Empatica has decided to go ‘all in’ and concentrate on this health wearables market with its new smartwatch, the Empatica Embrace. It claims this will be the “first medical-quality wearable” on the consumer tech market.


Empatica make the bold claim that the Embrace is “designed to save lives”. Apparently, this smartwatch can be particularly reassuring for epilepsy sufferers to wear as the key biometrics it measures are important things to check for people with this condition. In case of a seizure, for example, a companion who also is wearing an Embrace will get a warning of the sufferer’s predicament.

This wearable smart device is equipped with sensors to measure stress, seizures, activity and sleep. The device sends data in real-time to your or a designated person’s smartphone. Two apps are provided, available for both iOS and Android;

  • Empatica Mate is suitable for day to day personal stress, sleep and activity monitoring. It comes with a diary so you can plan and check your biometrics.
  • Empatica Alert is an app specifically built to monitor events for epilepsy sufferers.


Empatica has a prestigious list of clients for previous products including Microsoft Research, NASA, MiT, Intel and Harvard University so the details and specs of the Empatica Embrace and wistful hopeful pipedreams.

The Empatica Embrace has already rocketed past its IndieGogo target of $100,000 and currently has doubled that in backing from supporters with 22 days to do. Stretch goals include more leather strap colours, an affiliate scheme and designing a biofeedback mobile game.

To back the project and get an Enbrace at the end of it you have to contribute $189. The wearable health device is expected to ship starting from May 2015.

Mark Tyson

Mark has worked for a number of years as a newshound on other technology news websites. He decided to write for Tech Assimilate thanks to this web site's open embracing vision of the fascinating world of personal technology. Mark has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for tens of years previously.

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