Smart litter box Tailio helps monitor your cat’s health

This one is for the cat lovers. Pet Wireless recently kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for its Tailio smart litter box, a Wi-Fi enabled device which is capable of monitoring your beloved pet’s health with embedded sensors. The cat owner targeted gadget then sends the information to a notification app on your smartphone.



Cats are known for being good at hiding any ailments, and cat owners often find it hard to determine when their pet is unwell. The Tailio device was thus created as a solution to help pet families care for their cats, and is claimed to be the world’s first smart monitoring system that shows health and care alerts.

Tailio is actually a stand that sits under the cat’s existing litter box, and utilises sensors to keep tabs on when your feline friend goes to the toilet. Specifically, the device is measuring the weight of the cat and the weight of its excretions, as well as how long they sit in the box and the time between visits. An algorithm which requires a learning period of three days to establish the cat’s baselines and patterns will use all the information collected to determine when there’s an anomaly in the cat’s behaviour, and is also capable of distinguishing one pussy from another by their unique “pawprint”, allowing Tailio to track multiple cats.

Tailio App

Tailio App

Tailio sends  all the information tracked to the user’s linked mobile app, and notifies them when there’s a problem with the cat, and even reminds owners when it’s time to clean out the litter box. Although your friends may not be particularly interested, the companion app also allows users to share these information nuggets on Facebook and Twitter.

The US based makers of Tailio believes that tracking the cat’s toilet habits is a sensible way to acknowledge health problems at an early stage. For example, identifying weight loss, or alerting when a cat hasn’t peed in a while that could be an early indication of kidney issues.

“From the beginning, we’ve worked with veterinarians and other feline experts for a deeper understanding of the nature of cats and the issues they face,” says Tailio’s creators. “We’ve designed Tailio based on this intelligence to better monitor the health and well-being of your cat, and provide vets with useful information for diagnosing and treating feline health issues.”

Tailio claws past funding goal with a month to spare

The makers are seeking to raise $30,000 on its crowdfunding campaign to ship the device to backers starting next April. Happily, the makers have already exceeded their target by attracting over $50,000 from backers with 28 days to go.

The hardware is said to be production-ready, with just some fine-tuning of user experience of the mobile apps and “tweaking and improving the analytics” left to do. Tailios are available via the campaign from as low as $99, with retail price expected to be significantly higher.

We have included the pitch video below.

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