Quirky and GE introduces new line of economical smart gadgets for your home

New York-based crowdsourced invention engine Quirky has announced, in partnership with GE, a new line of full-bodied ecosystem of connected gadgets and services to make your home smarter than ever, reports Phys.

Quirky & GE Smart Home Lineup

Quirky & GE Smart Home Lineup

Quirky is an online community for inventors and collaborators who gets together to seed and develop product ideas. The platform offers an in-house team of designers and engineers to help on development of these ideas where revenue of the resulting products sold is then shared with each community member that had an impact.

The seven new economical, affordable and accessible smart devices demonstrates Quirky and GE’s push to try convincing consumers that there’s a place for connected home in the future, and that it will be something they soon won’t be living without.

“Most Americans still don’t think the smart home is affordable,” said Beth Comstock, GE’s chief marketing officer. “Quirky today will turn that on its head. This morning it launched a bevy of new connected devices, along with a couple of other initiatives all aimed at driving mainstream consumer adoption of the smart home.”

The new product linup consists of the follow seven gadgets:

  1. Tripper: a door and window sensor which monitors when something is opened or closed, $40 for pack of two.
  2. Overflow: another bare-bones sensor which alerts you when it detects water leakage, $35.
  3. Outlink: a wall outlet for tracking and managing power usage, $50
  4. Tapt: a smart switch for controlling smart bulbs and allows programmed routines and dimming via a smartphone app, $60
  5. Ascend: a garage-door controller, $100
  6. Norm: “The death of the thermostat,” a white box that regulates humidity and temperature using a series of sensors throughout the home, controllable via smartphone, $80
  7. Spotter UNIQ: a custom-made sensor sit that can be personalised to detect motion, temperature, humidity, light, sound, vibration and many other factors, priced between $30- $120 depending on configuration.


In addition to introducing new products, Quirky also announced a nationwide marketing campaign for its Wink app, the control hub for 100 partner products from 15 consumer brands working with Quirky and GE. Quirky and GE are powering forward in their venture in the smart home space, and have revealed that a new “micro-factory” will be opened b mid-December in San Francisco. The site will become Quirky’s new West Coast headquarters and will be used primarily to build electronics under the new Quirky UNIQ line. The majority of Quirky’s new lineup will start shipment in mid-to-late December, with the exception of Ascend, which is planned for release in February 2015.

“Last year, we announced to the world that together with our partners at GE, we would enter the connected home market,” said Ben Kaufman, founder and CEO of Quirky, in a statement. “In just 18 months, we have introduced an entire ecosystem of products, a powerful app that interacts with hundreds of connected devices from leading brands, and today, a comprehensive campaign to educate the world on what it means to live in the connected home.”


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