Intel publishes adverts starring Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory

Intel is trying to move away from its bunny suited technician and corporate suit image by releasing ads featuring The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. Two new adverts featuring the actor have been published on YouTube in the last few hours and this will be the start of a campaign running on TV from 24th November onwards for six week over the holiday season, says AdAge magazine.

Intel gesture control via RealSense

Intel gesture control via RealSense

The actor isn’t playing his Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper but himself. Nevertheless he appears to enjoy the wonders of technology – all emanating from Intel innovations of course. The first ad was published yesterday and is all about Intel RealSense technology. This is an Intel patented technology which “will let you scan objects in 3D, control devices with gestures, refocus after you take photos and more,” says the chipmaking giant.

This ‘next dimension of computing’ is said to be coming soon to laptops and tablets alike from the start of 2015. Intel’s usual set of manufacturing partners such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo are all intending to make use of RealSense technology.

In a second video, said to be the second of five which will be produced for the campaign, RealSense is again the focus of the message from Intel. In the brief video Parsons stands up on a plane and gestures alongside a flight attendant imagining he is flying a spaceship to mars. Later we see how the movements are used to interact with a laptop display showing a spaceship on an interplanetary journey.

These are all fun commercials and it will be interesting to see what else Intel has up its advertising sleeves. We expect more focus on the erm… camera abilities of the latest Intel chipsets in some of the upcoming ads.

What do readers think of Jim Parsons as the new face of Intel?

Mark Tyson

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