Hyundai and SK Telecom unveil first IoT Smart Furniture

Furniture maker Hyundai Livart and South Korea’s largest mobile operator SK Telecom have partnered to unveil Internet of Things (IoT) connected household furniture. With their ‘Smart Furniture’, the two companies are said to be the first provide a service to combine smart home technology with network-connected household goods, reports CNet.

Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

Offering internet-based features for furniture as part of the 10-month partnership, Hyundai Livart will be in charge of designing furniture with network connectivity and touch screens, whilst SK Telecom provides a new network service platform for the Smart Furniture. The final products will enable users to use the furniture to listen to music, browse the Internet for news, weather, and recipes among other applications. Smartphone mirroring will also be available and users will be able to make and receive calls from their furniture by linking their handsets via Bluetooth.

Furthermore, Smart Furniture can also be linked to door bells to monitor visitors, open doors and control the heating and cooling systems in the household. Future applications for the technology are enormous and can expand to covering fitness, security and even child safety in homes. “Our Smart Furniture will be among the first of our IoT services slated for launch in the coming years,” asserted an SK Telecom spokesman.

Smart Furniture units will begin shipment to major South Korean construction companies in December, to be then offered to consumers. Ten more products that support Smart Furniture are said to be coming by February 2015, according to Hyundai. The company expects the service to contribute 50 billion won ($46 million) in revenue to the Hyundai group by 2017.

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