First pictures and details of Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone emerge

It was only just September when Sony launched its latest smartphone and tablet flagships under the Z3 moniker. However Sony has been working upon a fast, six month, refresh cycle and it is inevitable that it is working on the Xperia Z4 range already. Thus we have images and details from the first leaks concerning the Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone.


What we have to see today is just the upcoming smartphone’s screen – also known as the digitizer. The source of this leak, a site called Future Supplier, has several pictures of the screen unit it says is destined for the Z4 compared side-by side with the same component from the Xperia Z3. The key differenced observable by the naked eye are that the Xepria Z4 has re-situated one of the stereo speakers, the proximity sensor and front facing camera “have their position reversed”, and the earpiece speaker has been raised a little to the top edge of the screen area.


Future Supplier has a good track record with these leaks as it previously grabbed a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge LCD touch digitizer before its launch, to tease us with. So what other specs are expected to make up a Sony Xperia Z4? Please consult the spec table below for the industry’s best consensus:

  • A 5.5-inch 2560X1440 display
  • A Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU with Adreno 430 GPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 16GB built-in storage
  • 4G, NFC, wireless charging, IP68 certified etc

Plus the Sony IMX230 image sensor

Alongside the above specs I would expect something more substantial to make the Z4 a worthy update. Sony might well also have an impressive new camera sensor it will add to the design to boost the Z4’s capabilities above its predecessor. GSM Arena discusses the rumours that the Z4 will include the newly announced Sony IMX230 EXMOR RS camera sensor, a 21MP 1/2.4″ unit with 192-point autofocus, higher resolution HDR imagery and 4K video recording.


We expect to see the Sony Xperia in the flesh officially for the first time at either the CES, Las Vegas in January 2015 or the mobile technology focussed MWC, Barcelona in February 2015.

Mark Tyson

Mark has worked for a number of years as a newshound on other technology news websites. He decided to write for Tech Assimilate thanks to this web site's open embracing vision of the fascinating world of personal technology. Mark has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for tens of years previously.

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