Ex Nokia employee starts Vsenn modular smartphone project

A smartphone startup called Vsenn has been co-founded by an ex-Nokia program manager. The new Finland-based firm sees its mission as being “to create the perfect smartphone by using modular and upgradeable hardware”. Sounds familiar? Yes – but competition is healthy!

Modular camera, battery and processor/RAM components

Vsenn says that its modular smartphone will allow you to upgrade and replace key components as you wish. The range of upgradable components includes the camera, battery and processor/RAM. We are also told that Vsenn will create a range of back covers to provide a custom look & feel to buyers. The covers will also be durable.

Announcement message from Vsenn

Announcement message from Vsenn

Pure vanilla Android with updates for 4 years

This new modular phone runs on Android. The ex-Nokia co-founder of Vsenn actually worked on the last Nokia Android device, the Nokia X smartphone. The firm has recognised the value to end users of updates and the appeal of Google’s unadultered Android, thus it promises “pure Vanilla Android with guaranteed updates for the next 4 years”.

Looking further at software features Vsenn also has emphasised ‘maximum security’. We are told that “All the data on the phone is protected using triple layer encryption,” with free VPN network and a secure cloud.

We have watched the development of the Motorola Project Ara modular smartphone with great interest here at Tech Assimilate. You may have even noticed that our logo is influenced by the construction and the Ara smartphone design? So it’s really good to hear about a modular smartphone alternative. Vsenn are as yet an unknown quantity and we haven’t seen any product or prototype in the flesh. However in an email to TechAssimilate the firm said we would see a product launch as soon as Q1 2015 and more information, specs and images will emerge between now and then via Twitter.

We will keep you posted on any major developments on this project.

Mark Tyson

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