Black Friday frenzy crashes major UK retailer websites

Black Friday saw the UK descend into chaos as shoppers rushed online in the hunt for Christmas deals and bargains. This frenzied internet activity crashed the retail websites of several leading UK chains.

Traditionally an American shopping day which follows Thanks Giving, Black Friday has been adopted with increasing fervour in the UK in recent years. The craze was introduced to the UK by Amazon back in 2010, with Walmart-owned Asda following suit in 2013.

Black Friday Shoppers

Black Friday Shoppers

The surge of demand from consumers bought down the websites of Tesco, PC World, Argos, Boots, and GAME, as the retailers struggle to cope with the surge in demand in what is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of the year. Popular fashion site Net-A-Porter also disappointed millions of UK customers when its webpage crashed just an hour after it announced the start of its US-style sale on Wednesday.

Currys Black Friday

Curry’s Black Friday

Form an online queue

Tech retailer Curry’s website introduced a new strategy to deal with the demand as it queued up online shoppers with an estimated waiting time of 30 minutes to access its website. “We’re really sorry that the huge demand for our deals means you’re having to wait. We really appreciate your patience and we’ll have you on our site as soon as possible.” the retailer added.

Not only buckling under the strain online,  police were also called to several supermarkets around the country overnight as thousands of customers seeks bargains, raising concerns over safety with fights breaking out and customers clambering over each other amid scenes of mayhem. Chains have been heavily criticised by the police for failing to provide sufficient security staff for the predictable situations.

Black Friday Shoppers

Typical Black Friday Shoppers

Analysts reveal that more than one in three families will be doing their Christmas shopping online today, whilst Visa is predicting that £518m will be splashed out on its cards in the UK alone. The shopping frenzy is expected to continue through until Monday, with an estimated UK£1.7bn being spent during the “cyber weekend”.

Via The Independent.

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