BitBite wearable food tracker teaches you healthy eating habits

BitBite, a new diet-tracking device, has just launched an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to promote healthy eating habits. Dubbed the first hearable/wearable device which automatically monitors eating habits and helps improve them, the creators are seeking $60,000 in funding to bring the product to market.



The discreet wearable earpiece, made from a combination of aluminium and plastics, is an Automatic Dietary Recording System (ADRS) which comes with built-in microphone and sensors that capture sounds as the wearer munches away. By using this simple tracking system which records how quickly or slowly you chew and how much food you are taking in, the information is then sent via Bluetooth to an app capable of analysing the data. In return, the app will give  power-of-suggestion guidance to the user which are designed to improve and help train better eating habits and provide weight loss advice.

The device will raise awareness of how much, how often, how fast, when and where the user is eating, not just what they eat. The tiny earpiece aims to tackle weight loss by advising users to chew more, eat slower, digest better, snack less, all whilst improving their nutrition and removing the need to do tedious food planning and logging. The voice-activated sensors could record your daily food log, which includes calorie count and vitamin and mineral intake, and will also notify you with nutritional tips based on your log.

“We are proud to publicly introduce BitBite’s automatic dietary recording system as an influential agent to meet personal diet goals and help fight obesity. BitBite is the first of its kind – an innovative patent-pending technology that puts the control back into the hands of those looking to live a healthier lifestyle,” BitBite CEO, Etai Granit said.

The World Health Organisation predicts that around 2.3 billion adults will be categorised as overweight by 2015, and over 700 million adults will be obese by that same time. With health and fitness-related wearables giving an outstanding performances in the market at the moment, BitBite is likely to find a market of its own. The BitBite smartphone app will be compatible with Android and iOS devices, and can run up to three days with a single charge. In addition to tracking the user’s eating habits, the earpiece can also double up as a Bluetooth headset.

An early pledge of $109 (£69) via the campaign will have the device sent to you sometime in June 2015. The campaign has already raised $36,974 from 335 backers at the time of writing, and is set to close on 11 December.

Kai-Li Yang

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