Sharp offers safer parking with its 360 View camera system

Sharp has recently showcased a new camera system designed especially for automotive use. It is intended to guide drivers to a future of safer parking without any troublesome blind spots, reports Ubergizmo. Named the ‘360 View’ that is exactly what you get – a top down view of your car as it manoeuvres into a tight parking space, for example.

Sharp 360 View Camera

Sharp 360 View Camera

The new system will prevent any accidents happening whether it’s a pet or a child hiding in your blind spot when you are manoeuvring, something that reverse sensors and reverse cameras are put in place to try to avoid. However, Sharp’s new 360 View camera will be several steps better, allowing the driver to have a 360 view of the areas around their vehicle.

The system works by utilising a smart algorithm which stitches together images gathered from four 1MP wide-angle cameras located on the front and back bumper, and the two side mirrors. Each camera has a 190 degree horizontal field of view and will be pointing downwards, providing a real-time view around the car. You can see it working in the demonstration video captured by PC World at the CEATEC 2014 exhibition showfloor outside Tokyo.

The images can be displayed on the car’s dashboard and are said to aid parking or changing lanes in order to avoid cars and other obstacles. Sharp is planning to partner with automakers to bring the technology to cars by 2018, where the camera modules will be available next year. Meanwhile we hope to see the Japanese tech company make some improvements on miniaturising the cameras so it won’t affect the car’s design aesthetic too much.

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