Samsung posts Galaxy Note 4 bend test video in response to Apple #bentgate

The iPhone 6 #Bentgate controversy is not over yet, despite Apple’s to dismiss it as a minority problem. Samsung is hot on the heels of the issue to show off that its Galaxy Note 4 can withstand the three-point bending test better than its biggest competition in newly released video footage, reports SamMobile.

Galaxy Note 4 Bend Test

Galaxy Note 4 Bend Test

Samsung tries to prove that its Note 4 is a durable beast and will not be at risk to bending or permanent deformation even after the three-point bend test and the human weight test.

The video kicks off by explaining, via a simple animation, how stuff tends to get misshapen when people keep them in their back pockets and sit on them. The #BendGate issue which bought the iPhone 6 Plus to everyone’s attention, in a negative way, shows a stress test where a little pressure was applied with bare hands and as a result you get a deformed iPhone 6 Plus.

You can take a look at the video clip below, where Samsung reveals the reason behind why its Note 4 is “big, thin, light and strong”. In both tests, the Note 4 bends but regains its initial shape with no damaging effects, according to the company, and it states that the secret behind the Note 4’s durability is a combination of its metal frame and a “mutually reinforcing structure between parts.”

The Note 4 is already on sale in South Korea, and will be released in 140 other markets around the globe by the end of this month.

#Gapgate overtakes #Bendgate?

However poker-of-fun Samsung is currently facing some issues of its own. The internet has recently been a-twitter with talk of #GapGate, where some Note 4 units were found to have large gaps between the screen and chassis – as a consequence from poor construction or assembly. Some users have such a gap that a credit card can be stood up in the gap. Which way will the negative #gate news swing – which is the worst construction gaffe – Apple’s or Samsung’s?

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