Overdriven toaster cooks your bread in just 10 seconds

Are you in a rush this morning? Sick of waiting in a long queue at your local breakfast shop? Some awesome and perhaps slightly dangerous lunatics over at Photonicinduction  have decided that there’s no time to wait for toast to cook in one’s life, and have overdriven a regular Tefal toaster into a super heat machine that produces toast in less than 10 seconds.

10 second Toaster

10 second Toaster

A poorly functioning, time consuming toaster was plugged into the so called “big boy” power supply to drastically push the voltage and watts up in the experiment to see if it is possible to make toast in just 10 seconds. The circuit board was removed, which the guys described as messy and “piss poor”, before starting the test.

The 1800W of total power is split into two to give each side of the toaster 900W to flame with. The voltage was then pushed up to see how the toaster reacted to the extra power, first making toast in less than 60 seconds. However, still not satisfied, the pair then pushed the voltage up further. You can see the video below, eventually leading to the toast catching fire, perhaps not the most appetising style of hot crisp breads, with several burnt patches.

Now who wants one of these at home for breakfast every morning?

Kai-Li Yang

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