Darma smart cushion can help fix your bad posture habits

A new gadget has landed, and it’s nothing like any wearables we’ve seen before. Darma is now raising money on Kickstarter for its smart cushion, a device which monitors your sitting position and helps you break your bad posture habits, and it could potentially be the start of a new tech device category – a ‘sitable’.

Darma Smart Cushion

Darma Smart Cushion

Described as “the world’s first smart cushion that monitors your posture, sitting habits, stress level, and coaches you to sit better,” the team behind the device hope to tackle the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Studies have linked being sat down for long periods to higher rates of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and increased risk of cardiovascular disease which may all lead to premature death…

Darma is a multi-layer memory foam cushion with 1mm thick fibre optic sensors embedded inside. The sensors monitor your sitting habits and provide feedback and real-time posture advice through an iOS, Android or desktop app.

Posture Coaching

In addition, the cushion also monitors the user’s heart rate and breathing, and how long they have been sitting and sends them a reminder when it’s time to stand up and stretch out. By keeping tabs on these signs, Darma will also be able to determine when the users become stressed, and offer various exercise to reduce their stress levels.

The device’s battery is said to last for around a month on each charge. It connects with a mobile device or computer via Bluetooth. The startup has plans to begin shipment of the device by June 2015, and pledges of $129 are still available, down from the expected retail price is set at $199. Feel free to take a look at the company’s pitch video below and please let us know what you think.

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