Convert your smartphone into power tools with Ryobi Phone Works

Ryobi has introduced a new line of “smart” power tools called Phone Works, a range of tools designed to integrate your smartphone and work with a related app to give the tools extra functionality, reports DigitalTrends.

Ryobi Phone Works

Ryobi Phone Works

The new line featuring a range of different testing and measuring tools that utilises the smartphone’s display, motion processing, HD camera, microphone and other sensors whilst keeping the cost of the fairly low tech tools down compared to if they each bear these extra tech as integrated features individually.

The video below shows you an example of one of the tools, the laser level. It works with the smartphones sensors to give users an on-screen and more accurate look at their measurements. The infrared thermometer on the level allows the device’s camera to display a thermal image of a subject and by using the device’s accelerometers and onboard motion processing abilities it can project an accurate and perfectly level crosshair onto the wall. Using the app, the user will be able to make use of the Angle Finder function to set customer laser angles as well.

The Phone Works is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can be plugged in via the headphone jack. Besides the laser level, the line also includes laser distance finder, infrared thermometer, stud finder, moisture meter, inspection scope, and also a pair of noise-suppressing headphones that is capable of filtering out certain noises and amplifies other ones.

All of these tools will work with Ryobi’s accompanying smartphone app to give it extra functionality. Users can use the app to record information, take voice notes, create and access project files and even store and share videos, data and pictures.

The Phone Works is currently available exclusively at Home Depot with prices ranging from $14.97 to $99.97. You can find out more about each tool at Ryobi’s website.


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