Takara Tomy gadget turns whole eggs into custard pudding in 3 easy steps

A new gadget called Mawashite Mawashite Marugoto Purin, which literally translates to ‘Rotate Rotate Whole Pudding’ by Takara Tomy Arts will turn an ordinary egg into custard pudding with just a few cranks. You don’t even break the egg in the process – until it comes to eating time!

Takara Tomy Art Egg Pudding Maker

Takara Tomy Art Egg Pudding Maker

The toy-like gadget will allow a raw egg to turn into Japan’s purin, a desert similar to crème caramel, without even needing to crack the egg shell. It takes 3 simple steps. All you have to do is place the egg inside the toy, and move the lever back and forth for around 2 minutes. Then you simply place the dizzy egg in a pot of boiled water, off the heat, for around 30 minutes. Once that time is up, you can enjoy the tasty pudding, straight from its shell. Top it with your favourite sauce.

The pudding maker is set to be released on 25 September and has already generated a lot of excitement on Twitter. The video below shows you the gadget in action, and also suggestions of what you can enjoy the end product with, such as caramel sauce or some melted chocolate. Or it can also be eaten as a savoury treat, just by simply adding some soy sauce on top. The device will sell for 2,592 yen ($25, £15).

You can also fine other cool gadgets from Takara Tomy Arts here, which include a frozen drinks machine and a speedy beer can chiller that can serve you draft beers in just 4 minutes.

Via Akihabara News

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