Samsung unveils a Curved Soundbar to match your Curved TV

Samsung has unveiled the “world’s first” Curved Soundbar, the latest addition to its Wireless Audio Multiroom product range. It is designed to match and complement Samsung’s own curved UHD TV range.

Samsung Curved Soundbar

Samsung Curved Soundbar

With a product name of HW-H7500/H7501, the Curved Soundbar is set to replace any unsightly straight sound bars sitting under curved screen TVs. Straight line based accessories for curved gadgets obviously put sand in Samsung’s design sensitive eyes and aren’t good to complement the aesthetics of something like its curved TVs.

“Following the successful launch of our Curved TVs, Samsung is looking to expand the curved line-up with the introduction of Curved Soundbar – a first ‘Total Curved Solution’ for the consumer AV industry,” said Young Lak Jung, Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, in a statement. “As the market leader in curved technology, Samsung strives to create the most complete home entertainment experience – whether that’s watching the latest 4K content on our Curved UHD TVs, immersing yourself in incredible surround sound or listening to the latest music throughout your home.”

Samsung Curved Soundbar

Samsung’s Curved Soundbar

The device measures 42mm in width with a curvature radius of 4,200mm and can be mounted under 55 and 65-inch Samsung Curved UHD TVs or installed under your TV where the curves will be flush with each other, replacing the TV stand. It has a brushed aluminium finish and features 8.1 channel support with two additional speaker units either side, adding to the immersion by delivering sound from three directions.

Users will be able to control features onboard the Curved SoundBar through their Samsung TV remote by connecting the device to the TV wirelessly using the company’s proprietary TV SoundConnect technology. These features include Sausung’s own technology that can provide more detailed sounds with amped up mid and low-range capabilities for improved fidelity and minimised sound distortion.

Although there is no information on how much this curvy side-line is set to go on sale for it is probably not going to anywhere near the word cheap. The speakers will be on show at the IFA tradeshow this week.

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