Intel reveals the MICA feminine fashion smartwatch, or smart bracelet

Here’s another smartwatch from IFA but this time it’s from a tech giant from whom you don’t usually buy consumer products. Intel unveiled a smartwatch, or smart bracelet, called MICA yesterday. This device is firmly focussed upon looking good as well as offering the usual ‘smarts’.

Intel MICA smart wearables being modelled

Intel MICA smart wearables being modelled

MICA stands for ‘My Intelligent Communication Accessory’. Intel designed the smart device in collaboration with a fashion house named Opening Ceremony. In a way that’s a nod to the fact that watches and wearables are encroaching upon jewellery and the fickle world of fashion. Testing out products like this to see if they stick is a great idea if you have the resources as often fashion trends come from unlikely sources.

Explaining the philosophy behind the collaboration with Intel and the designs Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon told USA TODAY that “We wanted something that felt luxurious and modern that could fit into the lives of many different women”.

Looking at the hardware in this device we have a 1.6-inch screen which is covered by a piece of curved sapphire-glass. Users can get alerts and notifications without smartphone pairing, if they wish, as it has its own built-in 3G connectivity. We haven’t been told but we expect the majority of the miniaturised tech to come from Intel’s own product range.

Two contrasting MICA smart bracelet designs

Two contrasting MICA smart bracelet designs

At launch the MICA will be made available in two styles. You can see the contrasting fabrication materials in the pictures in this article, the designs feature materials such as watersnake skin, pearls, lapis stones and tiger’s eye (a mineral).

The MICA smartwatches, or smart bracelets if you prefer, will be available to purchase at select Barneys department stores and Open Ceremony stores in the US. You will be able to see and buy them before Christmas. However the pricing of these wearables has not yet been revealed.

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