HTC teases a GoPro-like submarine periscope camera (video)

HTC’s latest video teases a GoPro-like waterproof action camera. We think we have got to see a glimpse of the device from a one millisecond portion still from the video. Luckily that image is backed-up by some other images found trawling through official HTC media.

Following the invite for an 8 October press event sent out earlier this month, HTC has uncovered yet another tease for an upcoming device, this time in the form of a video, reports Slash Gear.

HTC Invitation

HTC Invitation

First of all, the invitation really did not contain much information, besides a blurred image of two girls holding a smartphone accompanied by the tag line “double exposure”. Teasing us further, the company’s newly published YouTube video keeps the device closely hidden, and is comprised of a number of action scenes captured by this mysterious device.

However, if you watch the video below closely, and we do mean very closely (especially around the 3 second mark), you will get a glimpse of the actual device, in the opening scene which was taken in the pool. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the still photo below – at the lower left of the still you can see a device being held in the woman’s hand.

HTC teaser

HTC teaser, something in her hand

Gathering information from the video we would say that the GoPro-like device will be waterproof, and is capable of capturing real-time and slow-mo videos, it is mountable, able to take still shots, and can also be hand held. Previous reports speculated that HTC is working on an Android compatible camera to rival the GoPro, and it looks like this is the device in question.

The company’s submarine periscope-like camera will reportedly be equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, an ultra-wide-angle lens and a 16MP sensor. It is likely to be announced at the event mentioned above, alongside a selfie-themed smartphone. There isn’t long to wait until we see the device’s true form, and we will keep you updated once it is officially launched.

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