HTC Smartwatch plans canned says insider

Reports are coming in saying that Taiwanese smart device maker HTC has pulled the plug on its smartwatch plans. Tech Assimilate readers might have noticed HTC’s smartwatch no-show at the current IFA Berlin show. However reports say that it isn’t just a late reveal it’s a project that has actually been abandoned, at least for now.

Sources familiar with HTC’s internal management decision told Pocket Lint that although HTC had planned a smartwatch launch those plans are now on ice. Although HTC has been making headway and earning good reviews for its range of devices following the start of the HTC One range a few months ago it is thought that the smartwatch it was preparing would simply be an underwhelming wearable offering. It sounds like the HTC executives have seen the competition and considered the Apple iTime or iWatch launch expected next week and decided to wait and see.

Leaked picture said to show the HTC One Wear

Leaked picture said to show the HTC One Wear

The HTC One Wear smartwatch was said to be based upon Qualcomm’s interesting Toq wearable which uses an innovative coloured e-ink Mirasol reflective display. The lower energy display would give it a battery advantage over LCD competitor colour smartwatches and a colour advantage over mono e-ink smartwatches.

HTC has in the past adopted this same strategy to conserve cash and other important resources. It pulled out of Windows RT tablets and Windows Phones before recently releasing the well-received HTC One M8 for Windows. If you’re not so cash and resource rich you do have to try and speculate to accumulate, yes, but you also have to know when to drop a dud.

HTC smartwatch based on the Qaulcomm Toq design

HTC smartwatch based on the Qaulcomm Toq design

Overall it sounds like a good decision to us. We still have a feeling that the current crop of smartwatches are a bit too bulky and smartphone-like. Let’s see what Apple pulls out of the bag on the 9th September and see if it has an idea to bring wrist worn technology to another level.

Via Pocket Lint

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