Google Chrome Canary build contains a hidden endless runner game

Google is well known for leaving Easter eggs in its products, and the company’s scratching that itch again as the latest was found in  Chrome Canary, the most recent  version of Google’s browser. Chrome evangelist François Beaufort was one of the first to discover this hidden mini endless runner game which only appears when your device goes offline.

Chrome Canary Logo

Chrome Canary Logo

The mini game features the usual T. Rex that shows up when the browser can’t connect to the Internet, which all Chrome users should recognise, it looks like the photo below:

Chrome Canary T.Rex

Chrome Canary Offline Message

However, the fun part starts when users then hit the space bar, triggering an endless runner-style mini game with a simple goal – to avoid as many approaching cacti as possible!

Chrome Canary T.Rex Runner

The Easter egg is perhaps placed there to help those who just can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with their connection to pass some time or maybe to stop them from figuring out a way to get it back working all together.

The game will track your high score but stats are lost each time if the window closes or is refreshed, but you might hope that your Internet connection has been fixed by then.

If you are one of the lucky ones with an internet connection in perfect working order 100% of the time, but would like to try out the game, simply download Google’s experimental browser from here for free,  turn off your Wi-Fi, refresh the browser page (F5), and you can enjoy as much T. Rex jumping as you desire. What else is there to do in the office on a Friday afternoon?!

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