General Motors car drivers will be kept alert by Seeing Machines

General Motors (GM) will introduce cars that keep an eye on the driver to make sure he or she is keeping an eye on the road. It is hoped that the new driver monitoring system will reduce road accidents.

Australian tech company Seeing Machines are the brains behind the driving safety innovation. It will work alongside Japan’s Takata Holdings to provide its safety devices in approximately half a million vehicles over the next three to five year period.

GM and Seeing Machines dash

GM and Seeing Machines dash

In a blog post discussing the deal with Takata, Seeing Machines asserts that before the roads of the world are flooded with the driverless cars we are always hearing about in the news we shall experience “generations of semi-autonomous cars,” which will use its technology. These cars will be smart enough to take over quite a few vital driving functions but complement rather than replace the driver.

It won’t be until around 2040 until the majority of cars are driverless suggests a prediction by The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Meanwhile tech companies can concentrate on making roads safer by tackling the biggest problems first. According to research 90% of road accidents are caused by inattentive or distracted drivers – thus this alert system from Seeing Machines could make a big difference to keeping GM drivers safe.

GM assembly line

GM assembly line

While GM hasn’t commented upon the deal at the time of writing Seeing Machines did all but confirm its partnership in a Tweet this morning.

Tech Assimilate first saw this story in Marketing Magazine.

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