Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends in user pockets #bentgate

Apple never advertised its iPhone 6 Plus as a competitor to the cool banana shaped LG G-Flex. The problem is that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus was never meant to bend or curve but for what sounds like a growing number of concerned users it is doing so after not-too-rough everyday handling.


A number of users have posted pictures and videos showing just how out of shape the Apple iPhone 6 Plus can get if you are not very careful with this expensive new smartphone. It’s not just back pocket smartphone people, there are reports of front pocket and other close fitting pocket carriers giving their prized new smartphone an unwanted flex.

Bends due to weakness between volume buttons

It seems like a common location of the bend source is between the up and down volume buttons on the device. Another common thing about this flexible flaw is that the most effected users have kept their shiny new iPhones in a close fitting pocket over a prolonged period of time, reports Sky News.



As this is Apple’s largest smartphone ever, at a 5.5-inch screen diagonal, there is the serious possibility that its engineers have miscalculated how rigid and strong a phablet needs to be. Other smartphone vendors crept up slowly to the phablet form factor over years while Apple made a big jump from the previous iteration of the iPhone. A leap too far perhaps. Some people are already labelling this problem #bentgate.

BlackBerry bendable challenge

In related news, we are warming up for the new BlackBerry Passport launch and the CEO of that company has issued a challenge for users to bend it – according to a BGR report.

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