Apotop selfie button takes ‘usies’ on multiple devices at once

Selfies are so yesterday with the craze now being centred upon ‘usies’, or to simply put it, a group selfie. We have started to see the growing popularity of the Selfie Stick taking group photos to a whole new level, and Taiwanese Apotop’s new i-Selfie Join Me is perhaps a simpler, less strenuous way to capture those usies.

i-Selfie Join Me

i-Selfie Join Me

To sum up this little gadget, it is basically a Bluetooth remote for Smartphone cameras which comes with a free app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It can snap up a photo on your device placed as far as up to 30 meters from you in open space with the click of a button without being limited by your arm’s length, or the need to have to carry a long smartphone-stick handle around with you.

What’s special about the Apotop selfie button?

The unique thing about the i-Selfie Join Me is that it can take so called usies on multiple devices simultaneously, meaning that you can save a bunch of time trying to take these crowded, highly skilled photos using a different device at a time, or having to send the photo around to all those involved in the snap afterwards.

i-Selfie Join Me

i-Selfie Join Me

The remote comes with a metal chain for users to attach it to their smartphone, making it less likely to be lost, and a clip-on phone stand that can keep your handset steady whist you position yourself for the perfect shot. It runs on Bluetooth 4.0 low power technology and uses a standard CR2032 battery, said to be able to last for over 100,000 clicks and features a three minute auto shut-off power-saving design.

Interested? Sadly no pricing or availability information was mentioned in the press release, but it is listed for NT. 699 in a popular Taiwanese bookshop’s online store, which is equivalent to about UK£15 or US$20.

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