Tom Hanks brings Hanx Writer typewriter app to iPad

Tom Hanks, yes the actor, has put his name behind a new typewriter app for the iPad called Hanx Writer. The app is said to help recreate the experience of using a typewriter on the flat glass surface of your Apple iPad – or as he says “with the ease and speed of an iPad”. However keyboard nerds will tell you that a flat glass tablet screen is not comparable, in an input device way, with even the most rudimentary hardware keyboard.

Tom Hank's signature typewriters on your iPad

Tom Hank’s signature typewriters on your iPad

But just for fun let’s have a look at the Hanx Writer… Whilst holding dear the sights and sounds of olde worlde typewriters, the Hanx Writer app doesn’t throw usability out of the mix by eschewing such modern goodness as a backspace/delete key (this option can be toggled though). Also users will be able to email, print and share their typed works – it doesn’t mention save but surely that is included too?!

Hanx Writer on the Apple iPad

Hanx Writer on the Apple iPad

The main app is free and includes, like many an alternative keyboard apps, a number of different looking keyboard layouts for you to use. The Hanx Writer also has accompanying sound sets which should sound like the typewriter that influenced the design plus offers up the associated typeface from that typewriter.

Hitcents, the publishers behind Tom Hanks’ project, can also earn a few dollars if you like this program and choose to make some in-app purchases. The purchases available to users include various different models of typewriters which were modelled on some from Tom’s collection. You can add these typewriters to your soft-typewriter collection for a $2.99 fee also you can buy different shades of paper to improve your typing experience.

Some 3D modelled classic typewriters in the app

Some 3D modelled classic typewriters in the app

The Hanx Writer program supports Bluetooth connected keyboards for more comfortable input. Version 1.0.2 of the app was released today with various bug fixes.

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