Sony to crash Samsung’s party: Xperia Z3 to launch at IFA next month

Earlier this week we saw Samsung hint heavily that its Galaxy Note 4 would be unveiled and shown off at its Unpacked event in the lead up to the IFA trade show in Berlin early next month. Now it appears that Sony is going to hold a press conference which is also on the 3rd September effectively clashing with Samsung’s 3 capital city simultaneous event.

Sony's IFA press conference invite

Sony’s IFA press conference invite

An invite to Sony’s event has leaked which shows teasing images of what the iconic Japanese tech company will have on offer. Scrutinising the invite carefully you can clearly see a lens camera similar to its two existing models in design. This is a kind of large lens that pairs with your smartphone or tablet to beef up its imaging capabilities a significant degree. Furthermore you can see the corner of what we think is the Xperia Z3 smartphone. There are another couple of devices you can glimpse showing a mesh effect finished device and some kind of stand and monitor/display. Do any readers have a clue what they might be?

The Sony Xperia smartphone is certainly due as the company usually refreshes its flagship smartphones around twice a year.

The press conference and unveiling will be at the Sony booth at IFA, Berlin at 4.15pm on 3rd September. Wow, September is certainly lining up to be hot with this, Samsung and Apple all aiming to open our wallets. We just need some other big shots like Microsoft/Nokia, Motorola, LG and HTC to come forward to overload our smart-device-senses…

Mark Tyson

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