SHORE is a real-time facial analysis emotion detecting app for Google Glass

A new app created by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits will allow Google Glass users to detect a person’s emotions in real time, reports CNet.

The institution’s Sophisticated High-speed Object Recognition Engine (SHORE) facial recognition technology was adapted to work with Google Glass and is said to be able to help the Glass wearer determine a subject’s emotional state.

SHORE Google Glass App

SHORE Google Glass App

The potential application for this technology includes aiding communications for those with disabilities and disorders such as autism, where sufferers often have difficulty in interpreting emotions from facial expressions. However, the app can also be applied to more commercial uses such as market analysis and interactive gaming.

The SHORE technology can recognise emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and surprise, and will display information detected on the screen for Glass users. Other than detecting emotions, the application can also guess the subject’s age and gender.

In order to battle with the issues of facial recognition on Google Glass being unsettling for most people, due to privacy concerns, Fraunhofer emphasises that its software will not have the ability to determine a person’s identity, and none of the information analysed ever leaves the device – it will not be uploaded to the cloud.

There is currently no information on a launch date for this app, but the team does claim that its technology has a high degree of optimisations, therefore we could even see it adapted on other platforms and operating systems. Below is a short video demonstrating the app.

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