Samsung kicks off its Galaxy Note 4 teaser campaign (video)

We all know what’s coming… Samsung has unveiled a Galaxy Note ‘phablet’ for three years in a row at IFA Berlin. We have seen and discussed rumours about this device previously on Tech Assimilate, as have many others. However it’s nice to see the extremely heavy hints – almost as good as a confirmation – from the official Samsung Mobile YouTube channel start to arrive.

Ready to Note? What could that be?

Ready to Note? What could that mean?

Even the title of the video on YouTube hammers home yet doesn’t actually confirm as such – what is about to be revealed at IFA:

[Ready to Note?] Your Note for Handwriting

Yes, that’s the video title.

As the video starts we see various humans scribbling with pens, pencils and even crayons and choice marketing blurb about the importance of handwriting proficiency. Then we are told about how the Samsung Galaxy Note series reintroduced the pen to the digital realm to remind us how important handwriting is. Following this we get to see various people scrawling on last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3; editing documents, sharing pictures with annotations, note taking, even making birthday cards.

This might sound good until you have used a Galaxy Note device and found that you never actually used the pen. Both me – I bought a Note 8 tablet, and my wife – she bought a Galaxy Note 2, hardly ever ever ever use the pen for anything. But it was an attractive purchase pushing feature for us both.

The video ends with a very forced sounding sign off following the flowery talk about handwriting and human feelings “September 3rd. Ready to Note?” says the voice over.

Will the Galaxy Note 4 look very different?

Will the Galaxy Note 4 look very different?

Are you looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4? We think they are interesting devices which offer genuinely different and potentially useful features not many other devoices do – to the right people. Of course, one good thing about the Note 4 is that it should make the Note 3 cheaper.

Mark Tyson

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