Omate X is a companion smartwatch compatible with Android and iOS

Almost a year after debuting its first smartwatch, TrueSmart, which touts the ability to be a truly stand-along device, Omate has now introduced a new device named the Omate X, described as a “companion smartwatch” with a more affordable price.

Omate X Smartwatch

Omate X Smartwatch

This follow-up aims to act as a companion to your smartphone, and connects to both iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. Whilst the company’s TrueSmart aims to keep users connected during those times when they are unable to reach or carry a smartphone, the Omate X is designed with a completely different purpose, allowing users to see what’s going on with their smartphone at a glance.

“We have designed the Omate X for people looking for an elegant and fashionable smartwatch they can wear every day,” said Omate, according to PocketLint. “The TrueSmart was designed for the 10 per cent of your time during of which you partake in outdoor activities. Now, the Omate X will take care of the other 90 per cent.”

Omate X Smartwatch

Omate X Smartwatch

The device sports a metal design with a 1.54-inch 240x240p TFT LCD curved touchscreen display with sapphire coating. Although the smartwatch comes with genuine leather straps, these are exchangeable with any 22mm watch strap. Inside, the Omate X will replace the Android-based OS which was seen in TrueSmart with a Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) like the one which drives Pebble smartwatches.

Under the hood of the wearable is a MediaTek system-on-chip with an ARM7 processor. The device is powered by a 400mAh battery, which the company claims is capable of running the watch for a week in standby mode.

Priced at $129 (£77), the Omate X is less than half the price of the $299 TrueSmart. Pre-orders of the wearable begin on 1st September and it’s expected to start shipping in October. The first 1,000 pre-order customers will also have a limited edition serial number engraved on their smartwatch. However, exact launch details for each country have not yet been confirmed.

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