Motorola reportedly testing several tablets for summer 2015 release

According to a recent report by PhoneArena, Motorola is gearing itself up to make a comeback in the tablet space, as the company is said to be testing several tablets for release in 2015 .

The anonymous source, who claims to be close to the situation, states that Motorola is working on tablet sizes starting from 7-inch, with bigger models including larger 11-inch and 12.5-inch devices. The 7-inch model in testing are said to be further down the development path for release, whilst the larger 11 or 12.5-inch devices may not even make it to market, though still in the testing phase.

Motorola Logo

Motorola Logo

Furthermore, the Snapdragon 801 SoC is apparently featured on the 7-inch models being tested, but the source advises that the Tegra K1 processor would be the chip that will ship with the final product. If these tablets make their way through testing, the company is rumoured to release them in the summer of 2015, and Moto Maker integration for the tablets is not yet confirmed, nor completely out of the picture.

The news comes briefly after rumours that the company is planning to release as many as 8 devices before the end of the year, which includes the Nexus 6, DROID handsets,  and Moto X and Moto G successors which are due to be announced in September.

However, the rumours claim that although the company may have 8 devices in the works, we might not see all of them making it into the market, as all these devices are rumoured to be dependent on how well each other does.

All in all, it sure looks like Motorola has got many surprises in the bag coming for us in the next few months, and we are definitely excited to see more from the company after its recent successes.

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