Learn this funny Google Now trick if you want your phone to copy your accent

A new video posted by YouTube user shadow 321337 has shown us a hilarious Google Now trick that will make your smartphone sound like a ‘posh totty’ as it adopts a British accent.

Google Now

Google Now

The trick is easy, all you need to do is speak to your smartphone in a British accent, and Google Now will pretend to have the same accent as you do. By setting your device to have two different locales of the same language, you can get Google Now to speak in both American and British-style English.

“It will respond with whatever accent you use as input,” shadow321337 explains on Reddit. The user has also put together a video demonstration to show that the trick actually works. In the video below, you will see his smartphone answering the same question in two distinctively different accents, informing him of the length of San Frnacisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Earlier this month, Re/Code’s Lauren Goode put together a list of essential tips for Google Now users who may not know the full reach of its functions. This includes some of the well known facts of Google Now’s functionality, such as its ability to remember your parking space, and providing you sports scores for your favourite teams.

However, other cool tricks that that you may not have noticed include Google Now’s ability to understand and remember the context of what you are saying as you build on top of your questions with shorter sentences, pulling information from your Gmail when needed, such as showing your reservation card when you arrive at your hotel, and to acting as a personal translator. To see more details about Google Now’s capabilities, just click through to Re/Code.


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