HTC One W8 Windows Phone: more pictures and info emerges

If you are a fan of the HTC One hardware and industrial design but prefer Microsoft’s slick and intuitive Windows Phone over Android then we have good news for you. There are more and more leaks and pictures showing a Windows Phone edition of the HTC One M8 aluminium bodied smartphone flagship.


Last week we saw the first quasi-official but crystal clear glimpse of the handset thanks to Verison. A render of the HTC One W8 was unearthed upon the US telco’s website. Unlike many leaks and early renderings this one is fantastic quality showing off the beautifully made HTC One W8 with the familiar Microsoft tiled interface.

Now we have seen another good clear, but small, shot of the HTC One W8 thanks to a Dutch telco called Telfort. You can see the W8 nestled comfortably between the Apple iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 flagships. The image has been changed now on the Telfort website, admitting the booboo, but not before it was snaffled by WPCentral.


Also, according to WPCentral who are very focussed upon all things Windows Phone, the new HTC One W8 will launch on 21st August. That’s exactly a fortnight away calendar fans. Just a couple of days prior to that HTC is holding an event in New York where the wraps might well come off the W8 before it hits the stores.

Did you like the HTC One hardware but were put off by Android? Well the Android updates problem will partly visit HTC Windows Phones thanks to HTC not bothering to supply Windows Phone 8.1 Update to its 8S handset. That’s the only Windows 8 phone we know of which isn’t getting the update! HTC says its due to some hardware incompatibility but it’s a big shame. The more high spec but still quite old HTC 8X will get updated however.

Mark Tyson

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