Fuji Xerox’s robot printer delivers your documents to your desk

Many people have Wi-Fi enabled printers so they can send print jobs to the printer wherever they may be in the office or home. Now Fuji Xerox are taking this convenience a step further – after you have sent your document to the printer, to produce a hard copy, this new robotic printer will come to your desk and deliver the print outs.

Fuji Xerox's robot printer 'personally' delivers your documents

Fuji Xerox’s robot printer ‘personally’ delivers your documents

Fuji Xerox’s ‘Roomba printer’ is currently just a prototype at the firm’s offices in Tokyo. Visitors to the firm’s business guest lounge could make use of the printer for free and experience the ‘personal’ delivery of the documents there this summer, reports Nikkei Technology Online.

As well as the convenience and ‘cool’ of having a robot print and deliver your documents directly to you the system is said to benefit users by way of security. Users won’t print documents to a shared printer and forget to pick them up – as they come right to you. Each of the desks in the Fuji Xerox waiting area has a smart card associated with it. Users print via the associated URL and the printer robot knows where to find you. It won’t start the next printing job until the previous job has been delivered – this also helps with document security.

Fuji Xerox's robot printer

Fuji Xerox’s robot printer

Critically considering the functionality on offer IDC analyst Maggie Tan is not very impressed. She told the BBC that people in business lounges usually want to print in larger volumes and at speed and there are better security models already on offer. “There are several mobile printing solutions available today that users can submit the print job online through their mobile devices or laptops and they are given a secured password to collect their printouts,” explained Tan. Another IDC analyst went as far as suggesting that the tech might be “technology for technology’s sake”.

What do readers think of this robotic printer? We at Tech Assimilate think it’s a great innovation but it will probably be superseded in our desires by the aerial printer drones of the future. At least flying printer drones won’t get defeated by the stairs.

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