Coolest Cooler picnic party gadget breaks Kickstarter funding records

A new king has arrived to claim the Kickstarter crowdfunding crown. The famous Pebble smartwatch has been displaced from the top of the funding charts by the Coolest Cooler. With just fifty something hours to go the Coolest Cooler has edged past the Pebble’s $10.27 million raised and is currently pushing towards $10.43 million. The project founder, Ryan Grepper, had originally set a goal of just $50,000 and now finds himself over 20,000% funded, with over two days left on the clock.

Coolest Cooler - the Kickstarter king

Coolest Cooler – the Kickstarter king

Visiting the Coolest Cooler page you can quickly discover the appeal of this cooler for the 21st Century. It is said to bring “blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion”. The 60 quart capacity cooler also brings the following picnic party essentials to the cooling accessory equation:

  • An 18V battery powered rechargeable blender
  • Detachable waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • USB charger
  • LED light in the lid
  • Security ties
  • Internal divider and cutting board
  • Extending trolley handle and ‘beach tires’ for ease of pulling it along
  • An integrated bottle opener
  • Storage for plates and cutlery built-in
USB charging from your cooler

USB charging from your cooler

Mr Grepper enthusiastically describes his project product as “60 quarts of AWESOME packed with so much fun you’ll look for excuses to get outside more often”. He certainly seems to have caught hold of the Zeitgeist, looking at the popularity of his Coolest Cooler.

Coolest Cooler colours

Coolest Cooler colours

Is there anything missing from this cooler’s specifications to make it even more cool? All I could think of is that it could be paired with some kind of power generation option like solar or wind generators but that would add a lot to the price… Considering the price, when it is launched into retail in early 2015 it is said to be ticketed at US$299. However you still have time to snaffle one via Kickstarter for $185 + $15 US shipping (or $100 international shipping). Meanwhile a good old fashioned 60 quart cooler can be had for about $50 on Amazon…

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