ASUS teases smartwatch launch for 3rd September IFA event

So it would seem that the next device to join the ever so crowded smartwatch market will probably be ASUS’s upcoming Android Wear band, teased by the company in a recent tweet. It is likely to launch on 3rd September at a pre-IFA event in Berlin.

The image posted by ASUS on its official Twitter page shows a distinctly watch-like display sporting a rounded square watch face in the background.  A quote by Khalil Gibran “Time has been transformed, and we have changed” was presented, and on top are the words, “@IFA Berlin Sept 3, 2014.” Gibran was a Lebanese artist best known for his book The Prophet, one of the earliest examples of the inspirational fiction genre, according to Slash Gear.

Asus IFA Smartwatch Teaser

Asus IFA Smartwatch Teaser

There have been long lasting rumours saying that ASUS is working on an Android Wear device, and it is pretty obvious that we may finally get to see it in full. A report from Focus Taiwan had revealed that the company’s CEO Jerry Shen previously told investors about an upcoming smartwatch launch at IFA 2014. The device was speculated to be the cheapest wearable running Google’s OS on the market, priced between $99 and $149, and Engadget also states that despite its low price, the device will possess similar hardware to the Gear Live and G Watch.

As usual, none of the details have been confirmed but we only have a fortnight to wait until we see the device in its full glory.

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